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Pebble Beach 2014: Ferrari honored

The 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance honors Ferrari in many ways. 

Every August since 1950, Pebble Beach is the most select gathering of classic automobiles. Located on the 18th hole fairway of the golf course bearing the same name, the Concours gathers a diverse and rich array of  vintage cars, joint by an ever growing cohort of contemporary manufacturers, keen to present its latest models or concepts to a well heeled and enthusiastic audience. Bugatti and McLaren have become regulars, and all luxury car makers are keen to be visible to such a crowd. For this 2014 edition, the concours itself was divided in 27 classes (number of cars in each class shown in parenthesis):

A Antique (6)
B Early Steam Cars (8)
C-1 American Classic Open Early (6)
C-2 American Classic Open Late (9)
C-3 American Classic Closed (5)
D Ruxton (16)
F Fernandez et Darrin Coachwork (9)
G Duesenberg (5)
H-1 Rolls-Royce (8)
H-2 Rolls-Royce Phantom Postwar (6)
I Mercedes-Benz Prewar (5)
J-1 European Classic Early (5)
J-2 European Classic Late Open (6)
J-3 European Classic Late Open (4)
J-4 Prewar sports racing (4)
K Streamlined Tatra (8)
L-1 Prewar Preservation (9)
L-2 Postwar Preservation (7)
M-1 Ferrari Grand Touring (7)
M-2 Ferrari Competition (8)
M-3 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa (20)
N-1 Maserati Centennial Racing (15)
N-2 Maserati Centennial Coachwork (7)
O-1 Postwar Sports Touring (9)
O-2 Postwar Sports Racing (10)
V 1914 French Grand Prix (6)
X Eastern European Motorcycles (8)

We already dedicated a specific article to the M-3 class and the unique gathering of twenty Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa on the Pebble Beach fairway. As it is practically impossible to cover exhaustively such a vast array of cars, we concentrated our attention on the Ferraris of classes L2, as well as classes M-1 and M-2. This effort turned to be a good guess since the M1-03 entrant, a Ferrari 375 MM Scaglietti Coupé, won the “Best of show” trophy.

L2-03 Ferrari 212 Vignale Berlinetta, 1954, prop. C. & D. Haagen, Malibu, CA

L2-06 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Scaglietti Coupe, 1967, prop. Paul Stewart, GB

L2-07 Ferrari 206 Dino Competizione Pininfarina Coupe, 1967, prop. James Glickenhaus, Rye, NY

Ferrari 206 Dino

Note: this car was presented by Jim Glickenhaus at Villa d’Este in 2008.

M1-01 Ferrari 212 Inter Vignale Cabriolet, 1951, H. Kampfer, Seengen, Switzerland

M1-02 Ferrari 212 Inter Vignale Coupe, 1952, B. & B. Calkins, Centennial, CO

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