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Singer Vehicle Design: the Porsche 911. Reimagined.

Singer - Intérieur

Inside, the choice of materials is bewitching, from the knitted carpeting to the braided leather panels. The impression is probably as disconcerting as time travel: everything looks scrupulously vintage, yet better than new. Under the engine cover, the 3.8L flat six appears as a jewel in its quilted case. It is the kind of car you can spend a lot of time just looking at, soaking in the numerous technical details and the delicious ensemble they form.

Singer - Moteur Singer - Tableau de bord  Singer - Intérieur Singer - Collecteur d'échappement

Under the front cover, the fuel cell is also dressed in the same quilted red cloth. The head of the damper units, the strut bar, nothing is overdone or technically vulgar, everything is simple, simply beautiful. In an era where carbon fiber – whether fake or genuine, decorative or functional – is so ubiquitous, I did not spot a square inch of the material, while Singer makes such an extensive use of it for body panels. Number 7 gives me an opportunity to admire the wheel attachments, including the McPherson strut transplanted from the 1992 964 RS.

Singer - Réservoir Singer - Chassis Singer - Coffre avant

The set-up of the car has been refined with the help of Ohlins USA and the precious advice of two notorious 911 nuts, Richard Meaden and Chris Harris. Singer took a car for a proper chassis tuning session at the Infineon Raceway and on the notoriously bumpy roads of the Silicon Valley Peninsula. The settings are focused on road use and driveability, not ultimate track performance.

Singer #6

This Porsche 964 rebuilt by Singer Vehicle Design is painfully beautiful. The kind of beauty one struggles to takes the eyes off. A beauty which strikes at first glance but also runs deep. A beauty that will seduce your heart as much as it will seduce your soul.  It has the honesty and perceived fragility of a classic car, to the point where I barely dare manipulate doors and covers myself. More than the sheer value of the car, it is the scale of the work which seems priceless.

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