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Singer Vehicle Design: the Porsche 911. Reimagined.

Singer #6

The parts and blueprints which define the recipe of this restoration represent only half of the Singer Vehicle Design genius. The other half is in the craftsmanship. A small scale operation striving for excellence, relying on no less than 132 suppliers, all located in a 50 miles radius around Los Angeles. This ecosystem, specialized in the very unique needs of the Californian design studios, is accustomed to produce parts to the highest standards in very small quantities. The price list reflects this: count on a minimum of 350’000 US$, and up to 450’000 US$ if your appetite turns into gluttony. Add to this the donor Porsche 964, please. What does such a budget buy you ? Perfection.

Singer #7

Who is the customership ? Well-heeled amateurs, naturally. Porsche 911 amateurs also, of course. Some use their car as a daily driver, 365 days a year under climates which may not be the most hospitable. At the other extreme, one car sits in a collection and is never driven. The only common denominator is passion for the 911, to the edge of reason, or perhaps for a certain idea of the 911, blended with nostalgia. They are north American, but also European, Asia or Middle Eastern. Since 2009, Singer has only delivered 5 cars. The sixth, shown here in its dark grey livery, is heading to Indonesia. The seventh, in silver metallic, will join its owner in Taiwan. The eight, blue, is destined for Dubai. The ninth and the tenth are in the body shop process, the eleventh is patiently waiting for its turn.

Singer #6 Singer

The approach is not to be confused with an orthodox restoration. Singer makes liberal use of a poetic license in this quest for the essence of a classic 911, starting from a 20 year younger base and using with no qualms all the compatible parts in the 911 model series. Authenticity is does not reside in the bill of materials, but in the spirit of the work. Restored, reimagined, reborn. These three words printed on Rob Dickinson’s business card summarize to perfection this sumptuous homage to an automotive icon.

Singer #6

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